Do You Remember When

How the world has changed! Taking a look back in time to incidents and items from past years can prove to be quite amusing and at times even provoking. The digital age of today has certainly changed our thoughts and way of life.

How we marvelled when the fax machine first came on the market and the speed in which we could now send important documents and messages across the world. No longer did everything have to be sent only by sea or airmail. Sending by fax became the wonder of the time.

Let’s look further back to the start of the automatic washing machine. No more the necessity of using the old hand mangle that you had to keep turning to remove the excess water from your washing.

Clothes were dried in a contraption called a “Consani Dryer”. This boxlike contraption had a row of wooden rails running across it just below the lift-off lid that you hung the washing to dry on.

Then there was the introduction of the electric iron for removing creases from clothes. This ended in having to heat those old irons on the stove that weighed a ton and were heavy to lift and manage

The introduction of the cell phone changed our lives dramatically. Nobody today would ever leave home without your phone. Mobiles have now become your best friend, your diary, your camera as well as the easiest method of communication.

You no longer need to write out cheques or keep a cheque book. Accounts and purchases are paid for online, or, if purchased in shops you simply scan your credit card. So easy isn’t it. However, you certainly have a collection of cards in your wallet. From credit cards to shopping with in-store cards there is a never-ending supply to satisfy.

Of incidents, who can remember the old trackless trams that ran with wires overhead. Often the rods came off the wire and the tram had to stop while the conductor retrieved the long pole from under the trams belly to realign the rods to the wiring. There were also trams running on rails at the street level crossing the cities.

In bygone days it was considered safe for walking alone in the evening. Likewise, it was not necessary to take or fetch children from school. For getting home they either walked or caught a bus or train.

Then there were the sweets such as penny nestles, toffee apples, black and white Bulls Eyes and striped candy “walking sticks.”

Anette Rentie

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