When to Use Helicopter Courier Service

Most courier companies rely on vans and cars to make the majority of their deliveries. Larger companies might use a trucking division, while smaller ones might have a bicycle messenger unit. There are also air courier companies who rely on the world’s system of airlines in order to ship goods via air. There is another air option which exists outside of airline shipping though. You may, for example, find a St. Paul courier service that uses helicopters to make deliveries.

Helicopters are useful for making a number of different types of deliveries. The medical industry is very likely the most common user of this type of courier service. Why? Well, the medical industry regularly uses helicopters to move all kinds of shipments for many different reasons. For instance, some shipments are part of scheduled deliveries, but others are emergency service.

Pharmaceutical products which are required for treatment, tissue samples which are being sent for testing purposes, and blood and organs which are being sent to be given to patients are all regularly moved via helicopter. There are a number of reasons that the helicopter makes the best possible option for this type of delivery service.

Primarily, the advantage of the helicopter is in its speed and its maneuverability. It is easy for a helicopter to take off at a moment’s notice and make a delivery. This is not possible when relying on airline transport as much of the rest of the courier industry does. Therefore, when a delivery is being made as a response to a medical emergency, a helicopter can usually provide a more rapid response times. Some hospitals have private helicopter, or landing facilities for one for this exact reason.

Helicopters are also used for other reasons within the courier industry. Many high powered companies use helicopters to make emergency deliveries, such as when documents need to be shipped to execute a deal on short notice. Helicopters are also used to make deliveries to places which are hard to reach using other available methods. A good example of this is how they are often used to ship supplies to off shore drilling platforms, because it takes a fraction of the time to ship goods to such a platform by helicopter when compared to shipping to them via boat. Helicopter courier service is often expensive due to the price of the vehicles and the expertise of the pilots, but in many cases it is the best option for deliveries.

Anette Rentie

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